Saturday, November 21, 2009

SKETCH DUMP!! and other projects...

Some sketches I've been working on over the last week...or so.

Random chick with a sword! Just something to take up the last page of my last sketchbook. I really like how it turned out.

Here are a few sketches for the comic I'm working on for Staple next year.

Lila Montgomery...obviously. She is the main character. My fav of these is the one where she facing forward...I just really like how it turned out.

This is the plant the story is named after.

Luke is the love interest/friend of Lila. I'm getting better at drawing weaponry ^_^

Creepy monster man. His hands and feet were so damn fun to draw ^_^

The story revolves around a group of monster exterminators in the near future...based in southern Oklahoma. The Luke and Lila are specialists called "seerer" who are kinda psychics who can pinpoint and fight these creatures. I'm really really excited about this project and will post more later. Now I need to finish drawing this weeks OSAA and get some sleep!