Saturday, November 21, 2009

SKETCH DUMP!! and other projects...

Some sketches I've been working on over the last week...or so.

Random chick with a sword! Just something to take up the last page of my last sketchbook. I really like how it turned out.

Here are a few sketches for the comic I'm working on for Staple next year.

Lila Montgomery...obviously. She is the main character. My fav of these is the one where she facing forward...I just really like how it turned out.

This is the plant the story is named after.

Luke is the love interest/friend of Lila. I'm getting better at drawing weaponry ^_^

Creepy monster man. His hands and feet were so damn fun to draw ^_^

The story revolves around a group of monster exterminators in the near future...based in southern Oklahoma. The Luke and Lila are specialists called "seerer" who are kinda psychics who can pinpoint and fight these creatures. I'm really really excited about this project and will post more later. Now I need to finish drawing this weeks OSAA and get some sleep!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Funny stories on why it's a good idea to regularly save your work

So, I was at the studio the other day with my friend Will and he got the funniest message from his friend from Cali...I think his name is Brian. So, Brian was working on some art on his computer for hours and, of course, hadn't saved it. Well, he shares his studio with a musician and Brian moved his foot and nudged a mic stand with his toe causing it to fall over. It hit the shelves and knocked a book off which fell right on the off/on switch of the power strip for his computer shutting everything down.

While we were cracking up about this he told me about the time our other studiomate Syd was working on a piece start to finish on the computer. And again, he didn't save it once the entire time. He finished and called the others in the studio over to critique it. Once he was happy with it he went to close PhotoShop and when it asked if he wanted to save it he hit "don't save" without thinking. I've never heard Syd raise his voice or cuss but apparently he was cussing up a storm after that.

So, kiddies, always save your work.

Hey, I have a blog!

Totally forgot about this place, lol. So, this year has sucked mostly. Lost my mom and my cat that I've had since I was 15 (half of my life). The depression from loosing my mom was bad, it affected everything. I almost lost my job, my house was a serious mess and I would even go days without eating or leaving my house. My comics definitely suffered... But, finally, I realized that my mom wouldn't want me to let my life fall apart. So, I've pulled my shit together and I'm getting back on the horse.

Of Snakes & Apples is updating again. I have a convention that I'm getting ready for (only 2 weeks away *panics*) and my house actually looks like a normal person lives there. I've been sketching a lot too...but since I've lost my phone I don't really have a way to take pictures...I guess I could scan them. If I remember while I'm at home. Soon I hope I can be doing as much as I was before my mom passed.

Oh, I'm also planning on doing a tour post of the artist studio I'm part of. I share a space with some phenomenally talented artists. Working with them has really pushed me to better my art and to really start thinking of how to make this comic thing my livelihood. Someday...

Okay, I should probably get back to work.