Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lets Try This Again

So, I keep forgetting that I have this thing, ha! I'm going to try to update this thing at least weekly from now on with work in progress and sketches and whatever. Hopefully...

So, I'm planning of applying for the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant. I have no idea how to do it but I've gotten a few leads to some help. Here's hoping that I get it! Okay, lets get real, here's hoping that I actually apply...I really fail hard at time management.

I was also contacted last week by my day time employer about working on a comicbook for them! Appearently my name was all over the place at coorporate last week...which is a little scary. I'm looking for local talent to help me out and I have a few leads. I hope it pans out cause paying comic work...yes please!

As many of y'all know I moved out of Robot Cowboy Studio at the beginning of the year...I'm planning on going back (if there is a space for me) someday. I loved being part of a studio but I was so depressed that I just couldn't make myself go in and work. So, I moved all my crap back home and found it a bit difficult to fit both Ryan and my studios in my little house. I think I've got it figured out now...once it's up I'll post pics ^_^

Well, I should get back to work. Till next time y'all!

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